Le Operette

le operette piccole opere per occasioni perfette


About us

Laura Orsolini

I was born in Rome in 1968 and since my childhood I had the chance to encounter many stories: old or new, told or written and above all wonderfully drawn. 
So, when I grew up, my ideas about the perfect job for me were pretty clear: I was going to be an illustrator and an author of picture books. After several years working as a freelance for magazines and advertising, in 2002 I published my first book. It was followed by a dozen new titles, published in different countries (Germany, Korea, France, Canada and Italy). My work has gone around the world, participating in international illustration exhibitions. I have also travelled around the world a bit, spending several years in Asia to arrive, in 2021, in Germany, in Munich.

I landed on the project of Le Operette captivated by the idea of “moving” my ideas and colors from the pages of a book to a line of handcrafted creations.
Our products reflect the two passions that Rachele and I share: the care for the details and playful taste.
Here, in the world of Le Operette, I am planning to stay for a long time, cheerful, busy and in good company.

Laura Orsolini
Rachele Lo Piano

Rachele Lo Piano

I was born in Rome in 1974, and from a very early age I fell in love with any kind of artistic expression happening around me: the clothes and sweaters sewn and spun by my mother and grandmother, the copies of Modigliani painted by my father, the drawings made by my brother and the romantic poems written by my sister. To make a long story short, I have been a communications and marketing consultant, web designer, editor and copywriter for many years. I have gained extensive experience in the publishing field, which has given me a thorough understanding of the processes and rules of graphic design, web design, desktop publishing, and printing. I applied these competences to a large number and genres of work contexts. On the other hand, I am a humanist. I love philosophy and linguistics, that allows me to coordinate complex communication projects and to retain an overview of processes.
I also love to teach what I learn, because I deeply believe in education as a mean to build a better and happier society.
Le Operette are to me a wonderful space for freedom and sharing.